What we don't know, yet

13 x 15 mins.

Today, we live in a multimedia information age and believe that the world’s secrets have largely been unlocked and explained. Yet the map of human knowledge has a surprising number of white spots. There are plenty of unresolved questions: How did life come about on our earth? Why are we able to ice skate? How can the effect of music be explained? Why can we speak? Nobody knows the final answers to these issues. The 13-part series “What we don’t yet know” is a fascinating journey through the world of open questions in science and technology.

Titles of the individual episodes:


  1. How does homeopathy work?
  2. Does beauty follow rules?
  3. Suddenly healthy – but how?
  4. Why do we need sleep?
  5. Why must we die?
  6. Why do we yawn?
  7. How did life arise on earth?
  8. Why can we ice skate?
  9. How can the effect of music be explained?
  10. Why can we speak?
  11. Does the moon also exist when nobody’s looking?
  12. How does the egg become the chick?
  13. How do you know what I feel?