Relaunch - Milestones in Science and Engineering

Milestones in Science and Engineering is one of the most successful science series in European TV. Over 100 episodes have been sold to broadcasters, including BBC, in more than 130 countries. Each episode has achieved well over 100,000 clicks on YouTube.

INTER/AKTION, the TV production company as well as a pioneer in interactive media, in cooperation with Global Screen as world distributor are relaunching Milestones in Science and Engineering. The concept has been extended to include state-of-the-art graphics and embedded animations in an all new 360° cross media distribution strategy.

The series deals with outstanding inventions and their discoverers in the field of science and engineering, and so contributing to a better understanding of modern technologies. The key element is an easy to follow, entertaining story approach, which links each invention to its use by the audience in every day life. Each episode starts with this modern use and traces it back to a groundbreaking invention or a new idea using 3D animations, re-enactment sequences, expert’s comments, historic photos, graphics and archive material. Foreign language versions can be made easily, as there is no presenter.

First season: Werner Heisenberg: Quantum Mechanics; Charles Darwin: Theory of Evolution; Herman Jacobi and Michael Faraday: Electric Motor; Alexander Graham Bell and Philipp Reis: Telephone and Cell Phone; Manfred Börner: Fiberoptic Cable; Werner von Siemens: Dynamo-electric Machine; Konrad Röntgen: X-Rays; Nikolaus August Otto: 4-Stroke Engine; Guglielmo Marconi: Wireless Telegraphy; Nipkow, Baird, Zworykin: Television.