Meilensteine der Naturwissenschaft und Technik

(108 x 15 minute episodes)

The 108 episodes of " Milestones in Science and Engineering" were created in cooperation with Bavarian Broadcasting, BR-alpha, SWR, WDR, MDR, NDR, SRF, FWU and Deutsche Welle in short, nearly every major broadcasting company in Germany. International distribution by Telepool and Deutsche Welle resulted in airings in over 130 countries including BBC.

The greatest inventors and their innovations are presented in context with the historical, social, cultural and economic situation of their times. In elaborate re-enactments including historical film material (when available) and 3D animation, the moment of the discovery / invention is recreated and its relevance to the past and present is explained. "Milestones" answers such questions as: Why was the invention important? How is it relevant to our times? How may it be further developed in the future?. We are currently planning a re-launch in HD augmented with updated material and new innovations.