Altruism vs. Egoism

(3 x 30 minute episodes)

To date there has been no doubt that human beings are self-serving, greedy creatures. The financial crises of the past years have confirmed this theory. On the stock exchanges, people gamble away with no regard for losses. The losers then take to the streets to protest for fairness and solidarity. Do-gooders vs. egoists? Poor vs. rich? Power vs. principle?

Multi-disciplinary studies have come up with quite a different picture of human nature: Humans are social beings who place a far greater value on characteristics such as generosity and fairness than selfishness. How does this new picture fit into our existing social and economic structures? In our series "Altruism vs. Egoism" we examine some complex relationships, which at first glance seem incomprehensible. We take an interdisciplinary look at the findings which verify the "good" in humankind and examine the role played by altruistic instincts in the battle for survival. At the end of this journey into themselves, the viewer should be able to discover how much egoism and altruism they carry around within them.