ZOOM Adventure World

For the opening of the new area „Alaska“ of the ZOOM Adventure world in Gelsenkirchen in the summer of 2005, INTER/AKTION designed and implemented the “Alaska Ice Adventure” motion ride. As the central attraction within the Zoo, the motion ride at the same time fulfills the function of “transporting” visitors from the Arctic region to the southern coastal rainforest of Alaska.

The motion ride is housed in the ceremonial igloo of the Inuit. The structure is presented to visitors as the excavation site of an historic igloo that was discovered in the mountains of Northern Alaska beneath a huge snowdrift. In the queuing-area, an old Inuit woman recounts the story of the igloo. After a maximum of 50 visitors have gathered inside the igloo, the building is shaken by an earthquake which blasts away the sheets of ice covering the igloo under the snowdrift and opens up a vista on the mountain landscape of Alaska. At the next moment, the whole igloo starts sliding along the ice and falls through a glacial crevasse into the Arctic Ocean. Following adventurous encounters with a fish trawler, seals and killer whales, the igloo finally crashes into a boathouse in Southern Alaska and the journey ends.

The presentation makes use of 3 HDTV projections (each 450 cm by 250 cm) with a 210° angle. Floor actuators, cold wind and 6-channel-sound turn Alaska Ice Adventure into an impressive audio-visual surround experience.

The production consists of 3D animations, real HDTV-HighSpeed and SFX-shots. All elements were integrated into a whole using a complex compositing process, always keeping the special requirements of a motion ride in mind and working in close cooperation with the general contractor and manufacturer of the motion ride system, Simtec GmbH from Braunschweig.